1. A little something for commonplacecaz.

    For more on the Comte de la Fère, consult this narrative on one of the rare accounts of that noble peer in Paris.

    And be sure to badger our mysterious writer for more.  For who knows?  Though sightings have been rare of late, our correspondents are everywhere, and may yet find some new kernels of truth among the ever more fabulous myths of the enigmatic Comte.

  2. commonplacecaz:

    Devouring Time and Changeful Chance
    1: The Lodestar of My Life (Pirates)

    2: Such Labour Like the Spider’s Web
    by me, with art by agarthanguide (JakartaInn)
    Wordcount: 5,365 
    Rating: T+, Warnings: violent deaths, frequent mention of physical and psychological torture and its aftermath.
    Characters/Pairings: Gen OT3, implied Porthos/Aramis, past Athos/Milady; Treville-centric.
    Summary: A ‘Cold War’ AU, inspired by a kink meme prompt and crossing over heavily with the world of John le Carré’s Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy; Jack Treville takes over the British Secret Service in 1961 after one of its prime agents defects to Russia, and it takes a lot of work to get things back on an even keel.
    Preview: Not for them the electrical shocks or the thugs specially hired for their fists that the Russians so enjoyed; goodness no, they were British, don’t you know, and so their favored methods tended gently towards sleep deprivation, flickering lights and quietly murmured questions through the head-splitting distortions piped through headphones directly into their target’s ears. They hadn’t touched the man, they would protest. He is whole, and ready for your interview, sir; our straps are artisan-made out of the finest leather, and would never leave marks unless he were to struggle, which is, of course, not in his best interests. We are none of us brutes, sir, and will protest against any attempt to brand us as such.

    The second installment of the Musketeers AU collection! This is definitely the darkest, and possibly the most obscure thing we’ve done yet. And yet it was super-duper fun, because I had the best time re-reading the book and re-watching the 2011 film in preparation for writing, and agarthanguide has, as you can see, done some incredibly cool stylistic work. TL;DR we hope you enjoy it, and even if you don’t, we’ll still be over in the corner bouncing and pointing and whispering Look we did a Thing.

    Look- We did a Thing.

  3. My husband is a leather worker in his spare time, and he made this tiny mockup of his new bag design out of paper.

    I have been using it to store tiny emergency rations of leftover Easter Chocolate.

  4. baihu13:

    I will never stop posting pictures of my sister’s cat.





  5. commonplacecaz:



    Shamelessly reblogging our fic again because making people swear is awesome. *G*

    And, on another note - m’colleague may be known as JakartaInn on AO3, but on Tumblr she’s agarthanguide! Follow her for cool music, history stuff, fandom musings, and, of course, much more of her pretty, pretty artwork.


  6. commonplacecaz:

    Devouring Time and Changeful Chance

    1: The Lodestar of My Life
    by me, and JakartaInn
    Wordcount: 13,775 
    Rating: T+, TW for mention of a past suicide attempt, canon-level violence, alcohol/drug(ish) abuse, slavery.
    Pairing: Athos/Aramis
    Summary: The first chapter of what will become a collection of epic Musketeer AUs/ARs. Here - pirates! An overlong origin story featuring scars, tattoos, a swivel cannon named Balizarde, and Margot the ship’s cat in the Caribbean, 1754-1760.

    I drew this!  And commonplacecaz wrote it, so you know it’s quality.

  7. time-for-maps:

    History maps by JaySimons. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6)

    Wow beautiful.

    (via asyayay)


  8. I’m in a dark as shit mood today.  Really, just- a bucket of narcissism and self loathing.

    So here- have a slightly pissy, slightly self-involved Song of the Day.  My gift to you.

  9. I made this for my mom’s birthday. It’s a dragon puppet. A paper dragon puppet. I still haven’t put on the feathers, but I’ll get there.

    This is a heavily modified version of this puppet, which is quite brilliant and available for download. 


    1. Me: Do you have any advice on taking out Napoleonic-Era Artillery?
    2. Peter: Recruit the English Magician.
    3. Me: No, we're the French.
  10. commonplacecaz:

    Summer Break,” “Mail Call,” and “See Europe By Car,” plus title card, by JakartaInn.

    I: Then Is My Soul with Life and Love Inspired
    II: Libya
    III: Dreaming
    IV: Constancy

    V: Fanmixes
    Character, Thematic, Period, and Classical fanmixes for Then Is My Soul. Apologies for this not being a real chapter - life is very busy at the moment and I won’t be able to write again for at least another week, so I thought I’d throw something together to bridge the gap. And JakartaInn has some truly lovely stuff for you all. I hope you enjoy this - and I’m happy to chat about any music choices!

    Playlists!  Curated by commonplacecaz, to accompany her amazing au Musketeers fic.  And pictures. Pretty pictures.  By me.

  11. commonplacecaz:

    The Ministry of War
    ,” “The Yule Ball,” “Past Lives,” and “Women’s Work” by JakartaInn.

    I: Then Is My Soul with Life and Love Inspired
    II: Libya
    III: Dreaming

    IV: Constancy
    Wordcount: 8,675 
    Rating: T for language, possible TW for threatening behavior within an established relationship.
    Pairings: Constance/Bonacieux, Constance/d’Artagnan, Athos/Milady, Athos/Ninon de Larroque, Aramis/Porthos
    Summary: After Norway, Constance and Athos prop each other up – with the help of far too much alcohol, a stubborn French Resistance operative, and the lindy hop.

    I hope you enjoy! :-)

    This was a really good chapter.

    Words still by commonplacecaz, art still by me.

  12. commonplacecaz:

    "A Street in Italy"
    and “Zauberer” by JakartaInn.

    1: Then Is My Soul with Life and Love Inspired
    2: Libya

    Chapter 3: Dreaming
    Wordcount: 3,826 
    Rating: T/M (violence, torture)
    Synopsis: Aramis usually has a grip on his dreams; capture, torture, and Athos being a git, however….

    More Musketeers wizard!WW2!AU, featuring more fantastic art from JakartaInn! :-)

    Words by commonplacecaz, pictures by me.  Read it.  Comment on it.


  13. commonplacecaz:

    by JakartaInn.

    What can one do but respond to great art?

    Fic: Then Is My Soul with Life and Love Inspired
    Chapter title: II: Libya
    Length: 3,265 words
    Rating: T for violence and language
    Summary: A day in the life, in 1941; or, in which there are falls, Constance is not impressed, and Porthos far prefers the wand over the gun, but he has no idea why.

    I really, really need to get back to work now… *G*


    More fanart from the fic by commonplacecaz.

    If you are a Musketeers fan, you should follow her.  Also if you like history or are in academia or like classical music and madrigals.


  14. I am literally weeping


    Someone (JakartaInn on AO3) has drawn amazing fanart for my fic.

    someone drew fanart of the boys in RAF uniforms for me

    I first wrote Musketeers-as-RAF when I was seventeen I cannot handle my emotions right now


    Click for full-size, or on the link above. Do please leave kudos for JakartaInn!

    Okay so, I illustrated a Musketeers/WWII/HP AU fanfic, and though I really don’t usually share my fannish side here, I’m trying to learn a lesson about being more open with myself and others about things I like.  So I’m gonna post it all here.

    I seriously recommend the fic.  It’s a strange concept, but it feels totally natural in the reading, and commonplacecaz is a brilliant writer, so you should all go read it and leave her lots of comments and kudos.  She always responds to comments.  I definitely would not have taken the time to illustrate it if it wasn’t worth it.  It’s worth it.