1. Everyone in my house is playing Destiny right now.  This is Seth’s character (seriously, he made her look just like Janelle Monae), who is, as yet, nameless.  I’m going with Hyacinth.

  2. Nerd Culture Cheat Sheet (My Dad’s Birthday Card)

    Whole image of the designs from this post.

  3. Birthday Card for my Dad- it’s a Nerd Culture Cheat Sheet!

    It’s actually about 4.5 inches high (to fit in a box with a present), with accordion creases between each image. 


  4. snailchimera:




    talk street magic to me

    drawing power from the metro lines

    illusionists busking illegally, shimmering lights disintegrating as they run

    plant mages tending tiny rooftop and windowbox gardens

    elementary school…

    (Source: cpk4709)

  5. commonplacecaz:

    Okay our new cat is just THE best.

    Welcome Papageno!

  6. I accidentally made a whistling sound with my teeth. And scarred her for life, apparently.

  7. illustrate-her:



    for crabsandlobsters.  This picture makes me laugh and laugh. Did Aramis move a hitching post so he could have a back rest? Why is Treville lounging pensively? What is d’Artagnan looking at? It’s great. This picture is inexplicable and also everyone looks really attractive.

    This is the boyband shoot though, isn’t it? This is a tour poster.

    "Live at the Luxembourg Gardens. One night only."


    Am I the only one who’s distracted by the strange atmospheric conditions in the garrison?

    A thirty foot high column of sparks from a tiny fire surrounded by three or four distinct fog banks and three different light sources. That’s what they are dealing with in Paris.

    (via uenaina)


  8. muttluver said: MAN I'd love to have you DA dance fanart as a header or something.

    Hey go for it. All of my fanart is totally free for non-commercial use.

    Credit me somewhere, if you can. Danke.

  9. I had an itch to draw the Dragon Age 2 crew, and after an unforgivable number of weeks and an almost admirable lack of artistic direction, here it is.

    My brother baihu13 paired everybody off, so take it up with him.

  11. Bit of typography done at the breakfast table for my mom to send to a friend of hers.

  12. Sitting at a child’s birthday party. Quick drew a sketch of the Birthday Boy’s older sister. She’s a cool kid.

  13. Happy Birthday commonplacecaz!

    This is part one of your gift, part two of which is the t-shirt that this will look awesome on.

    Have a beautiful day- you deserve every minute of the constant stream of pretty words I’m sure you are already getting.


  14. awesomejoj said: This is a stunning drawing, I love your technique. What have you done it with, is it an app??

    First of all- I’m blushing. Thank you so much for the kind words.

    If you are talking about the iPad sketches- yes. The app is Sketchbook Pro, which I got for free when it was the app of the week a few weeks back. I have since tried the free version, Sketchbook Express, which has most of the functionality of the Pro version, but doesn’t include the brushes I used.

    There’s a kind of crosshatch brush that I’m fairly addicted to on the Pro version- I use it going back and forth between black and white on a very low opacity (their opacity percentages feel totally random. I’m not sure what’s up with that. They’re very punchy over some percentages that should be low, and then 35% through 70% all look the same to me.). A few other brushes are also pretty nice- there’s four different “pencil” brushes that all have different textures- those are useful. I have done all of the sketches I posted here on one or two layers on a 50% gray background. Then I add another layer for the “background,” which it actually the top layer, and take bits out or adjust until it fits.

    So iPad sketching has been nice for thumbnailing, or drawing my family members while stuck on a plane, but it’s nothing like paper and pencil or Wacom tablet/computer. But it’s so clumsy it can actually produce some really interesting results. Like- it reminds me of being in school, when we would be asked to draw with our left hand. All the line work would be shoddy, but the proportions were often much improved.

  15. A frog got into the house this morning. My Mom put a colander on him and then Seth released him into the wild.

    I named him Armand.